Sunday, November 16, 2008

Leading through meekness - Week of Nov. 16

Management Moment
By Doug Dickerson

Power Point: Quit trying to be humble. You’re not that great.
- Golda Meir

Power Thought: One of the finer qualities of a leader is that of humility. You know the person I’m talking about. She goes above and beyond what’s asked or required, is devoted, loyal and trustworthy. This person prefers to be in the background rather than in the limelight. She may not have the title of boss or chief executive, but has the qualities you wish the title-bearer did. Humility is not weakness, it’s strength demonstrated, not a position flaunted.
-Doug Dickerson

Power Surge: It’s too bad the meek haven’t already inherited the earth, because the unmeek are making a real mess of it.

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