Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Grinch on Leadership

The economy this season has many folks in a pinch, you can be a smart leader or be like a Grinch.

If a good leader you’d be, there are things that you can do, things that you must; so don’t waste another minute, there’s no time to fuss.

Here are my thoughts on how the Grinch went astray, four points in all- a gift to you before Christmas Day.

The Grinch had issues too numerous to count, with an ugly demeanor the Grinch stood tall; contrasting the first problem- his heart was too small.

The people of Who-ville were festive and fun, filled with expectancy as the big day approached, but the Grinch had plans he thought would encroach.

If you’re a leader who acts like the Grinch, be advised now and be advised quick; respect you won’t have, you’ll make people sick.

When the season is festive with noise and feast, be kind and considerate, be not offended, not in the least.

The Grinch is stingy and needs a heart that is new; it’s now what you know as problem number two.

When the Who’s came together, bells ringing with cheer, the Grinch couldn’t stand it, he looked on in spite and covered his ears.

From his devious heart came a good awful idea; he would steal their presents, he would take their good meals.

When leaders are stingy like the Grinch with no heart, change can take place, and in Who-ville, it starts.

The Grinch wreaked havoc on Who-ville that night, but his devious plan backfired, now exposing his new plight.

With eyes not deceiving, he clears his throat with a cough, thirdly revealing his heart is turned soft.

Who-ville awakens with joyous sounds, Grinch is now watching as the morning fog clears, but to his dismay it’s hearts full of cheer.

The Grinch is now home with Who’s toys in sacks, he has a change of heart and decides to give it back.

The Grinch we all know behaved badly and with nerve, revealing the fourth truth-even a selfish leader like Grinch can learn how to serve.

In the morning light away flew the Grinch, the homes were reminders of his past ill intents.

Grinch is now receptive to the joy the season brings; he takes ole Max and soars to new heights, the smiles in Who-ville now a holiday delight.

The lesson for leaders is one we must remember, the best investments in Who-ville are not just in December.

Leadership is influence as John Maxwell does say, so I bring you good
tidings in time for Christmas Day!

© 2009 Doug Dickerson
Note: I’d like to acknowledge Dr. Seuss for the inspiration for my column this week.

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